Environmental Department


The Department of Environmental has as its focus, the preparation of men and women in the field of construction readiness via Asbestos, Lead, OSHA and Hazardous Waste. Our courses at most last one week. Our courses are DLS, OSHA, and EPA approved. Students who take our courses are guaranteed readiness to enter the work force. Our instructors are trained with practical work experience making learning relatable for our students.

Hazwopper initial course

Asbestos supervisor course initial is a program that prepares individuals to receive Certification to work as a licensed supervisor. The program is designed to equip and train A supervisor to oversee a project. Upon completion of the 4 modules: Introduction, Health Hazards, State and Federal Regulations and safe work practices, as well pass the training Exam students will receive a certificate approved and recognized by the DLS. Students will also become license eligible.


Hazwopper Refresher course

Asbestos supervisor course refresher is program that helps supervisors renew their supervisor License in accordance with Massachusetts state laws. This program offers information on any changes in regulations and reviews current regulations. Upon completion of hours and successful final exam students will receive a certificate approved by DLS. Students will also be able to renew their license.